Drawn by Kate Greenaway, published in 1879

Today listening to CBC I heard a wonderful interview/ “musical documenter” program titled “More About Henry”. Just listening to this program put such a soft warm smile on my dace I just have to share it with you … it is so sweet and creatively put together.

Thank you Adam Goddard, your debut program was marvelous!

On this link, there are several programs listed, “More About Henry” is the last one which you can click on "More About Henry" on CBC Ideas, by Adam Goddard to listen to an excerpt of it

I really like the program Ideas and try to listen to it as often as I can, definatly it is time well spent.

I hope you enjoy.


Faded Charm said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I really like the name of your blog. Best wishes to you in 2010.


Mrs. B. said...

I'm reading Captivated right now. It's about the Du Mauriers and J.M. Barrie. Kate Greenway was mentioned though I've never heard of her before so it's interesting to see this drawing. I had the impression she was some sort of fashion designer.

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