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Over the past decade so much has changed, both in the world at large and also to within my little bubble-world. Back in the end of 1999 having been on the internet for almost two years then, I, like many others, was concerned what the change with the Millennium might bring on the technical/computer front. The Millennium bug worries happily on the most part though proved to be much over rated.

Then digital cameras and cell phones were just becoming popular and I smile and wonder if youth of today ever think to themselves ”Oh how did the world ever function before?”

So much has changed in the way things are done, but on the wide scale, very little has really changed. Snow still falls as it used to, the stars still twinkle in the night skies, bears still hibernate through the cold season and in the spring new life starts to emerge and come forth.

Experience deludes, years are minuscule blimps in all of existence, but what will the next 10 years, for us each, bring? We can only live to find out ...

Living rather a remote existence provides me sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of most city living, but I do like to keep-up with things. It has been almost three years since I gave up television, now the internet services; I am an avid CBC and BBC devotee along with other various News networks, viewing TED lectures, and of course reading.

As is my custom, the last few days of the years are spent contemplating and planning on what might I accomplish during the coming year. My goals are modest- redecorating, mastering a few new skills and preserving things from the ravages of time.

Since starting to blog, often I feel like Alice might have felt when she fell down the rabbit hole, and as I ponder, some of best lyrics in a song come to mind by Robbie Robertson in Somewhere Down The Crazy River:
"You like it now … but you'll learn to love it later."

To learn more about Robbie Robertson, you may click HERE

So, as another year comes to a close, the ending line in a poem Don’t Look back, you’re not going that way!” accompanies me into the year 2010.

Here is wising you each and all a very happy passing into 2010 with a year full of joy wonder and fun …


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping in to visit. I had a good chuckle when you said "permission to hoard" ribbons. There is worse things to save but they sure come in handy when needed. I am sure you work beautifully with them!

Jeanne said...

Lovley post! I have enjoyed following what you have been up to. Especially enjoyed your silouettes Best wishes for a wonderful New Year...keep writing!
Jeanne :)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and I wish for you an amazing 2010 and all your Dreams. .come true!

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