Memories that warm ...

Today I happened upon one of my mother's coat corsages and it got me remembering ...
Some fond memories from my childhood during the Christmas season are:
• The custom of wearing those lovely Christmas corsages on our coats
• My mother wearing tinkling real little bells as earrings
• Christmas aprons
• Handmade stockings
• Making Spritz cookies with the hand-crank Spritz maker
• Orange rind bits in the fireplace scenting the room
• Carolers coming to the door
• The smell of real mulled wine to warm the carolers for on their way to the next house to sing at
• Salvation Army singers singing under the nearby corner street light
• Having everyone know where our house was, as we were the last in the neighbourhood to have a bin of ashes (from our coal furnace) outside and the curb for people who got stuck in the snow
• My sister and I hand-painting reverse murals on the inside of our front windows as decoration
• Going house to house in the neighbourhood the week before Christmas hand delivering handmade cards to their door
• Real homemade eggnog

And my all time favorite memory and custon, which I still do to this day, is frying almonds. I truely LOVE the aroma as it wafts through my home, and the devine taste ... I just can-not-resist!

To make, take whole blanched almonds, and in a large frying pan melt a generous supply of about ¼" deep of butter, in a pan, add almonds and over medium-high heat stirring them constantly so they don't burn, fry them until they are golden to dark-golden brown, quickly turn them out, and salt to taste. When they have cooled just enough, devour them. The aroma from them is (I find) complety intoxicating.

You are invited to share some of your fond memories in comments ...


Jeanne said...


What a lovely thought and your reminded me of the very same. My grandmother set up a Christmas village scene every year on her dining room side table. Snow, houses, ice skating...the works. We loved seeing it. She collected the pieces over the years. I try and create the same but my grandmothers will always be the best. Thanks for the memory!

Sandra said...

Love your memories and especially the coat corsage. I love corsages, not the ones worn on the wrist, but on the front shoulder above the heart. My husband has given me a fresh flower corsage to wear on Mother's Day for years. Aren't Christmas memories wonderful!

Vicki said...

Lynda, loved your post and all of the wonderful Christmas memories!! I so long for a simpler time when we took the time to savor all of the moments of the season. Thank you for the kind comments you left for me at Bunny Cottage. They were much appreciated!! Blessings to you! Vicki

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