Deagan Chimes With A Story

Sitting here listening to the soft sounds of “Quiet Observer” by (electric harpist) Andreas Vollenweider,  contemplating what to show and tell for my first post the beautiful soft music helped me decide ...

This set of Deagan Chimes was given to my grandparents for a wedding gift back in 1913; it is the very set that was used in my paternal great grandfather’s private care in the Grand Trunk Railroad.

Deagan chimes were used in those days to sound to the passengers meal time had arrived, and all through my childhood these chimes hung in the small hallway between the kitchen and dinning room at my grandparents place and they were rung during Sunday and special occasion meals.

Deagan chimes have quite the history some being with NBC (radio) and the not so well known “fourth note”. This "fourth note" was sounded to alert staff that they were to call in to their station. It was also used as an alert of a big happening and a call-out to the staff for events such as the Hindenburg disaster the Munich crisis and Pearl Harbor.

My set is still rung by myself for my personal little events, and for my personal pleasure ... just whenever the fancy strikes me. The sound of it makes me smile.

To learn more about Deagan Chimes you may search Google for a plethora of information.

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Diann said...

Hi Lynda!
First off congrats on your first post!! Woohoo!

And what a great way to start things out! love Deagan Chimes! And the story with it is priceless!

Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Juniper Hill Antiques said...

Welcome to show and tell Friday! The history behind your treasure was charming, it is wonderful to have items passed down that have such history. Thanks for sharing!

Lara Harris said...

What a wonderful piece of history!Welcome to the blogging world as well! :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a treasure to have and with memories attached. Welcome to the world of blogging. Warning - It is addictive!

REbekah said...

How very interesting!! I love the story behind the chimes! I also love the little Scottie dog I seen peeking out in the second photo!

Sandra said...

Wow, the chimes are wonderful, so lucky to have them. I just became a follower and can't wait to check out your web site.

Diane said...

I loved the history behind your chimes. My Grandmother always rung a bell for dinner. It wasn't as fancy as the one you have. Congrats on your first post! I'm off to check out your web site. Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane @ Inspiremedesigns

A Little Of This And That said...

I'm fascinated by your story. How wonderful to have such a treasure.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Well, welcome, welcome!!!! Glad you have joined us in the world of blogging!

m ^..^

Elegance Reclaimed said...

Thank you all for such wonderful greetings. I can tell ... I like it here ;-)

Reading all of your submitted posts on your own blogs has inspired me. I have many linens that I can not move, and now I will start to use them to creat. When they find a new life I will share, with you, about them, in future blog postings.

Again, Thank you all for your comments and the inspiration; you really are a wonderful group of ladies.

And a VERY SPECIAL Thank You to Cindy Kihn from "My Romantic Home" for hosting the weekly Show and Tell. BRAVO !!!

podso said...

My grandparents had the same set hanging in their dining room. I remember being able to play them, with permission, and we'd use them to call others for meals, when we would visit at my grandparents' house.

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