This morning in my electronic mailbox I received the

 “Kreative Blogger”
Jeanne at

Jeanne Thank you, it is an honour and pleasure; a two-fold joy as it is coming from you and is my first blogging award, makes it a very special award indeed.

I have followed Jeanne’s blog “COLLAGE OF LIFE” since almost the first day I started blogging. Her zeal for living shines through in her every post. Her open and honest look at herself and situations is refreshing and truely delightful. I’ve learned much about New Zealand and now that she has recently moved to the UK, I am just-chompin’-at-the-bit to read all about every new adventure she posts about.

One of the requirements for the award is to share seven things about yourself others may not know, so here goes- I:
  1. when I was a child, dreamt of becoming a professional singer once I grew up,
  2. am dyslexic and had not read a book from cover to cover until I was 21, and continue to be the world’s worst speller, so much so that I check, recheck, triple check, and quadruple check everything before I hit send, and truly hate it when spell check can not even figure out what I am trying to spell, grrrr!
  3. have very sensitive hearing, a trait that several Burrows female family members have, some more pronounced than others; when the old glass Christmas lights twinkled on and off, I could hear the sound (plink-plunk-plink-plink-plink-plunk-plink) the filaments emitted. The first time I realized it, I thought I was going mad, it took me quite awhile to figure out what the sounds were and was much relieved I wasn’t imaging things. The yellow ones, for some reason, seem to be the highest pitched ones …
  4. drove school bus for just under eight years among several other things, and I was a professional public pitchman, also
  5. wrote backhand until about three years ago, and then one day while writing a letter, I looked down and noticed I had slipped into writing slanted to the right- sometimes such is the way transitions of life manifest
  6. just started-up attempting to do ribbon embroidery, it’s fun and so-far I find it relatively easy,
  7. love the smell of orange, the taste of dew, feel of moonlight and shade on sunny days.

Now here is my checklist for the award, of things to do:
  1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award,
  2. copy the logo and place it on my blog,
  3. link to the person who nominated me,
  4. list 7 things people may not know about me,
  5. nominate 7 creative bloggers, and post their links,
  6. leave a comment/notification to each nominee
 And now... I nominate


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, I am honored!!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Lynda, Thank you so much for the award. It always feels good! :) I enjoyed looking around your blog. The botanical pictures a few posts below are gorgeous. I also love your hair cut. It looks very chic and classy...and for a good cause to boot. Good for you!

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